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There is no term for this concept in this language.

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begrenzing perceel (nl)  


  • The entirety of map lines whereby the surface outline of a plot is formed. A plot is a (2D) surface forming spatial object whose structure is "separate". This means that the Netherlands is always seemlessly and completely covered with plot areas, which may not overlap. The limitation of a plot consists of one or more map limitations (closed polylines). The outer contour is formed through one map limitation. If there are enclaves (area that does not belong to the plot area), also the inner contours are included as map limitations. Each plot is limited by other plots, with the exception of those that border a foreign territory (Belgium, Germany and the North Sea). A map limitation is built up by one or more map lines. Each uninterrupted limitation between precisely two plots is referred to as map line. The topological relation between two surface limitations of adjacent plots is enforced due to the fact that their common limitation is formed through the same map line. A map line is built up of consecutive connected map line parts, consisting of straight and arc forming line parts. Although in this moment, exclaves (outer surfaces) do not appear in cadastral plotstructures, this does not have an implication for the definition of the plot limitation.

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