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Right of mortage  


  • The right of mortgage is a limited right, for the purpose of recovering a claim for the payment of a sum of money from registered goods that are subject to the mortgage with priority before other creditors.

Broader concepts

Scope note

  • A mortgage right is a real property right and carries with it a power for the mortgagee to sell the property in the event of default of the mortgagor. The mortgage right has to depend on a debt. .A mortgage to secure future debts from a credit facility is possibe. Independent of any (current or future) debt is not possible.

Editorial note

  • 20140321 Zie ook Recht_van _pand verwijderd. Het begrip recht van pand is verwijderd omdat dit alleen als gerelateerd begrip voorkwam. Hier hoeft daarom niet naar verwezen te worden.
  • Ontleend aan het Burgerlijk Wetboek, Artikel 3:227

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